About Us


W & W FIBERGLASS TANK CO. was formed in May of 1978. The original production line of our company was a simple two-piece tanks only business. In June of 1985 we installed a filament winding machine with a 10 foot and 12 foot mandrel. A major plant expansion in 2014 and the addition of an additional 12′ and 15’6″ mandrel allows us to build tanks up to 1000bbl.  Since that time our company has built small tanks, specialty tanks, custom built tanks, and has been active in repair work.  We now specialize in stock tanks, oil storage and potable water storage tanks. We also custom fabricate tanks for chemical, environmental, water and wastewater industries including RO(reverse osmosis) Systems, DI (De-Ionized Water) Systems, oil removal, solution storage clarified water storage, waste water and much more.

We also specialize in delivery and tank repair.  Whether your site is across town or across the country, W&W can deliver your tanks to your location quickly, dependably and economically. Through our trucking division we are able to offer economical delivery throughout North America.   Whether you have a damaged fiberglass tank that needs repaired or you need to change or update the fittings configuration of a tank, W&W Fiberglass Tank Co. is your  best solution

In our 30+ years of business we have weathered the ups and downs of the business cycle. have experienced the rise and fall of oil and gas prices based on foreign control, economic change, and competition. With this in mind, W & W FIBERGLASS TANK CO., is dedicated to giving companies all the support it can through quality, service, and fair prices.

We attribute our success to God, fair business practices, quality control, and customer satisfaction.