No Rust, No Maintenance, No Worries


Fiberglass Tanks are the ideal solution for all your various farm, ranch, and agricultural storage needs. Because farm & ranch tanks are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance free, W&W Fiberglass Tanks are preferred by farmers and ranchers alike, for use as stock tanks, fertilizer tanks, potable water storage tanks,  and liquid feed storage tanks.

Stock Tanks  –  Potable Water Tanks  – Feed and Fertilizer Tanks
Wildlife Waterers  – Complete Setup and Delivery

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Stock TanksWindmill

• Large Selection of Sizes — 4’-24’ Diameter

• Heavy Duty Fiberglass — will not rust or corrode

• Life span in Excess of 20 Years

• Lightweight – Easy to Relocate

• Virtually Maintenance Free & easily repaired

• Non-Skid Bottom for Livestock Safety

• Will Outlast and Outperform Steel Tanks

• Approved for NRCS (Soil Conservation Service) Cost Sharing Program

• Large Selection of Plumbing Fittings Available

• Stackable for bulk delivery



Large Capacity Storage Tankstank-by-house2

Cattle Water

Potable Water

Liquid Feed

Liquid Fertilizer

• FDA Approved for potable water storage.
• Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction
• Will not Rust or Corrode
• Life span in Excess of 20 Years
• Virtually Maintenance Free
• Will Outlast and Outperform Steel Tanks
• Approved for NRCS (Soil Conservation Service) Cost Sharing Program
• Large Selection of Plumbing Fittings Available
• FDA Approved ISO Liner
• External Anti-Algae Gel Coat optional
• Easily repaired and custom configured

 Wildlife Escape Ramps

Our expanded metal and fiberglass Wildlife Escape Ramps meet NRCS specifications for watering facilities and open storage tanks. A grippable surface, 45º sides and tight fit ensures that small birds or mammals can safely exit your stock tanks.  Attach to tank lip with self-tapping screw and washer. Call 1-800-882-2776 for pricing and specifications.

Escape Ramp

Wildlife Water Guzzler

Wildlife Water Guzzler

Our Wildlife Water Guzzler collects rainwater and provides a gradual, non-skid ramp for access by small animals and birds.

• 4’ x 2” tank (approx. 200 gallons) collects rainwater or can be manually filled.

• Satisfies Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) water requirements, and cost share eligibility.

• Installed at ground level for easy access for small game without becoming trapped and contaminating water supply.

• Durable, Non-corrosive fiberglass will never rust.

• Closed tank top prevents debris from collecting in tank.

 Fiberglass Float Box Float Box

• Protects float fromdamage and freezing.

 • Removable lid for access to float.

• Bolts securely to stock tank.

• Can be attached either internally or externally.