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Fiberglass API Configured Storage Tanks

As a leading oilfield storage tank company based in Pampa, TX, W&W builds a large selection of oilfield storage tanks configured to the industry standard API 12-P specification. This specification makes it easy for you to order tanks that will be outfitted to a consistent standard each time.


• Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction

• Fully fitted out to API 12-P configuration

• Tank shells built to API 12-P laminate specification

• Large selection of sizes from 90 bbl – 1000 bbl
• Large selection of optional fittings, hatches and walkways available
• Will not rust or corrode
• Virtually maintenance free
• Ortho,  ISO or Vinylester resins available
• Easily repaired on location
• Ready for Stairs and Walkways for a complete tank battery

• API Dimension also correspond to Steel Tank sizes for mixed-tank batteries

API Standard Tank.jpg

Standard API Tank

Fitting Placement

Standard API Tank

Sizes and Capacities


 210             10'                   15'

 300             12'                   15'

 400             12'                   20'

 500             12'                   25'

 500             15'6"                16'

 750             15'6"                24'              

 1000           15'6"                30'

*additional sizes available on request

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