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Wildlife Water Guzzler

Provide drinking water for wildlife and game in remote areas

Our Wildlife Water Guzzler collects rainwater and provides a gradual, non-skid ramp for access by small animals and birds in remote, arid areas where a water supply is not readily available.

• Collects rainwater or can be manually filled.

• 4’ x 2" tank (approx. 180 gallons) or 8' x 2' tank (approx 750 gallons)

• Satisfies Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) water requirements, and cost share eligibility.
• Installed at ground level for easy access for small game without becoming trapped and contaminating water supply.
• Durable, Non-corrosive fiberglass will never rust.
• Closed tank top prevents debris from collecting in tank.

Wildlife Water Guzzler-4.jpg
Wildlife Water Guzzler-8.jpg



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