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Fittings for Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass Fittings

All of our tanks can be outfitted to your exact specifications with vents, hatches, manways, nozzles, etc. Shown are some of our standard fittings. However, we
can also custom install baffles, agitators, heating panels, grounding strips - just about anything you require. These fittings are installed on your tank when ordered with a tank, or can be ordered by themselves for installation on an existing tank or at a later date.

• Drains, Fills, Vents - 1"-12"

• Flanges - 2"-12" - straight, gusseted, conical

• Gooseneck Vents
• Lifting Lugs, Hold Down Lugs, Anchor Lugs,External Support Lugs
• Bulkhead Fittings
• Fiberglass Manways 20, 24", 30"
• Striker Plates
• Thief Hatches
• Metal Flanges - Full and Half
• Nozzles - Threaded and Flange
• Internal Grounding Strips

• Standard API Tank fittings

Fiberglass Flange on tank
8" Gusset Flange
4" Conical Flange
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