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Free Water Knockouts (FWKO)

A Free Water Knockout (FWKO) is used to separate and remove any free water that can cause problems such as corrosion and formation of hydrates or tight emulsions, which are difficult to break. A free-water knockout is commonly called a three-phase separator because it can separate gas, oil and free water. The liquids that are discharged from the free-water knockout are further treated in Heater Treaters.  FWKOs are available in horizontal or vertical designs.

WW Builds the following sizes in code and non-code: 4x10, 4x15, 5x10, 6x15

  • 4'x20', 6'x20', 8' x 20' + custom sizes

  • ASME Code or Non-Code

  • Mechanical or Pneumatic Controls

  • Internal coatings

  • Standard Accessory Package

  • Anode connections

  • Concrete blocks

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